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We plan and design an ordinary plot of land to beautiful landscape garden. Our innovative use of natural slopes, texture, plant selections, and lawn will translate your dreams into a natural setting that will grow in beauty with each passing seasons. We provide our services for the entire landscape planning, execution & observation.

Execution of a Soft Landscape

As per the design and site conditions, we develop the yard into a mesmeric landscape garden. We have teams of professional workers trained to do quality work with years of experience in this field.

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Landscape / Garden Consultancy

We give approximate costing’s, bill of quantity, expenditure, concepts, ideas, guided tutorials etc. as per the site premises.

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Annual Maintenance Contract

We undertake annual maintenance contract of a landscape garden with all men, materials, tools & horticulture consultancy services.

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Landscape Lighting

We customise the lighting considering the best type, power consumption, focus and light intensity making your landscape look more vivid & eye pleasing.

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Garden Furniture

We supply & install ingeniously designed outdoor garden furniture range to create your own space of comfort.

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Vertical landscape / Green Walls

We install and maintain a long-lasting system with inbuilt moisture sufficient irrigation system providing maintenance services such as removal of dead leaves, replacement of plants & pruning. Vertical gardens will offer a lush pop of color, design & beauty to any environment.

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Commercial Plant Rentals

We keep replacing the weak plants with healthy lush green ones regularly, making the indoor and outdoor spaces look elegant and ornamentally attractive.

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Hard Landscaping

We’ll work closely with you to determine precisely the hardscape materials and layout that best suits both your space and your aesthetic preference. We ensure all the elements such as paving, paths, fencing, seating, water features, stone / wooden furniture, curb walls, patios & gazebos are installed/constructed correctly & professionally with the best of expertise workers. 

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Irrigation Systems Planning / Design

A well-planned irrigation system is most important as to determine the type of irrigation practices required to water the plants sufficiently for healthy growth and well-being. 

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We are THE Rof Rof Management cleaning  services company staffed with experienced and trained experts to keep your venues and properties clean and tidy. Armed with the suitable cleaning equipment, these professionals ensure every corner is thoroughly cleaned.

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1) Renovate and repair the house as a toilet, kitchen, courtyard, cracks, and other.

2) Install the mosaic tiles or marble or in the house.

3) Painting your home for a new look.

4) Fixed problem that damaged or clogged drain or broken.

5) Build a new structure at home you can afford.

6) Renovate and repair the roof and the roof leaked.

7) Painting and Patching a leaky roof. The Mossy Roof Cleaning Asbestos Or black to look new.

8) repair a clogged toilet and kitchen sink.

9) Renovate and repair your home and office space.

10) Install new doors and windows installed awning and grill. Lights, fans, power supply and wiring.

11) Renovate and repair the parking lot.

12) Installing concrete floor with tiles. Services to build a house or fence.

13) Garden Service | Landscape Service

Worlds of innovation

Our architects are committed to offering our clients with a distinct landscape design with a clear understanding of costs, techniques, and scheduling with an emphasis on the client’s needs for complete satisfaction.



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 Providing quality landscaping services. We Create a healthy, aesthetic and vibrant landscape environment that always looks best all year round.

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