FuelPlus - up to 30% extra kilometres per tank

FuelPlus - By using our 'Green' fuel additive everytime you re-fuel your vehicle, you will be contributing positively to the environment as FuelPlus has been proven to be able to reduce exhaust emissions by up to 50%.

FuelPlus is the most affordable and effective fuel additive currently in the market! FuelPlus is an eco-friendly fuel additive designed to fully optimize the combustion process in your motor vehicles, to give you drastic improvements in performance and fuel efficiency. As a result from optimized combustion, you will be experiencing a smooth and quick acceleration and will be able to travel up to 30% extra kilometres per tank

Benefits Of Using FuelPlus

Enviromental Friendly

Formulated From 95% Palm Oil and 5% Bio Active Energy


Reduces Exhaust Emissions

Enhances Fuel Quality Resulting In Less Toxic Exhaust Emissions

Engines Run Cooler

Disperse Heat Quickly Preventing Engine From Overheating


Improves Fuel Efficiency

Improves Fuel Efficiency By Up To 30%

Improves Engine Performance

Improves Overall Engine Performance By Optimizing Combustion


Smooth & Quicker Acceleration

Enable Engines To Run Smoother And To Accelerate Quicker

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FuelPlus How It Works

FuelPlus when dissolved in the fuel, it works to crack fuel molecules, invigorate and rearrange them chemically so that more hydrocarbon molecular chains are formed, enabling the fuel to burn fully, thus decreasing the liter/kilometer ratio.

In this process FuelPlus removes the carbon deposits and makes the lubricating mechanism more efficient and enhances the engine’s overall performance.

Phase-1 Cleaning:

Removing carbon deposits and lubricating mechanical parts.

In this phase, as soon as FuelPlus gets dissolved in the fuel, it begins to clean the fuel line and the combustion chamber, gradually cleaning carbon deposits. Such carbon deposits get mixed with the fuel and takes part in the combustion. For automobiles with heavy carbon deposits, initially fuel consumption may increase slightly. For these automobiles, the situation is not unusual. The length of this period (cleaning) depends on the condition of automobile, age, and fuel quality. In particular, the length of the period can be affected by the different quality of fuel supplies in different areas. As carbon deposit is gradually burned out, the automobile starts performing well – with low noise, higher power, and low fuel consumption.


Phase-2 Maintenance:

Reducing fuel consumption and preventing accumulation of carbon deposits.

After cleaning, the environment inside the fuel line and combustion chamber is thoroughly improved and the negative effects of carbon deposits are totally eliminated. From this phase onwards, the fuel saving rate will be stable, engine will have low noise, the engine starts faster, engine performance is increase, exhaust emission gas discharge will drop by a large margin and black smoke almost be eliminated. 

By using FuelPlus regularly, carbon deposits will have no chance to accumulate.


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FuelPlus How To Use It

For first time usage, user must insert the FuelPlus tablet(s) according to ratio of the fuel tank capacity as it should treat the fuel in the tank as well as the fuel in the pipeline.

If the ratio is overdosed but not more than 50%, it will not harm your machinery engines but the tablet ratio must not be under dosed because then it would not be effective to your engines.

For refueling, user must insert the tablet by a multiple of 10 liters. For refills of 10 liters fuel, user must insert 1 tablet of 1 gram before pumping fuel into the tank. For refills of between 15 and 20 liters, user must insert 2 tablets 1 gram and the ratio must be followed to get the optimum result.

FuelPlus Application Directions

FuelPlus Storage Tips

FuelPlus Labratory Test

FuelPlus has been tested by the following independent labratories and the results has shown that FuelPlus is non-hazardous, increases performance, reduces exhaust emission and reduces fuel consumption among other things.

Exhaust emission test was conducted by SIRIM Berhad, a corporate organization owned wholly by the Malaysian Government, under the Minister of Finance Incorporated. Showing a reduction of CO of up to 27.2% and HC of up to 15.1%.

FuelPlus reduces exhaust emmission!

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